The beaming kids in Arabian shirts

With messy veil-worn hair

forget the too-tight shoes that hurt

And the itchy socks they wear

The lights burn bright on my smiling face

The butterflies in my stomach do flips

Looking into the crowd, my heart starts to race

But my nervousness slowly slips

The glasses glare from the guy in row c

Is the only thing in sight

From the great big mass of people in the

theater tonight

The notes from the night before

are running through my mind

and that plot twist in scene four

gets the audience from behind

Intermission comes and goes

A game of mafia backstage

Grandma’s opening night rose

Wilts. Showing how we’ve turned the page

The cast gets better with every laugh

A little sweaty hand squeezes mine

My tights rip right down the calf

In the receiving line

“If it’s not your prop don’t touch it”

“Always pause for laughter”

“Hey, those wings cannot be hit”

“Hang up your costume after”

Despite the long tech week nights,

that note unachieved in a song,

And those silly audition frights.

I still know that like Iago to Jafar,

On stage is where I belong.

MTVarts has helped me in utilizing every tiny little bit of creativity within me in everything I do, making even mundane tasks in life a little more colorful and right brained, and forced me to work harder, push myself, and love theater more than I thought anyone could ever love anything. Doing MTVarts IQ Workshops like The Little Mermaid Jr. and Aladdin Jr. helps theater buffs, and budding young actors alike fine tune their skills, and have tons of fun with other amazingly talented kids who love singing, dancing, acting and hamming it up just as much as they do. It makes my heart happy to know that in both of the IQ Workshops, and through the support of MTVarts and every amazing, patient, and loving volunteer, I’ve seen kids find their voices, come out of their shells, and become truly amazing performers!