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MTVarts is governed by an all-volunteer, non-rotating Board; an operating board is appointed annually to oversee day-to-day operations.

Our board members include the managers of non-profit organizations, educators, actors, directors, business owners, and entrepreneurs; all with either formal or experiential arts/theatre education. Our artistic director is an art educator with MBA, military service, and an artistic resume which includes film,stage, directing, administration, and more. Our business director has an associate degree in business and 40+ years experience in successful business management. Our volunteers are rich with education and experiential knowledge; very serious amateurs who perform as professionals.

Our Executive Board:
Susan Moreland, President
Carrie Haver, Vice President
Leah Miller, Secretary
Janis Stone, Treasurer, Business Director
Bruce Jacklin, Artistic Director

Core volunteers work together to maintain the day-to-day operation of our organization:

Susan Brown, Costumes
Rodney Cheek, Promotional Events
Diane Dingler, Music
Megan Evans, Props
Ian & Kate Ernsberger, Stage Management
Ruth Frady, Wigs and Hair
Kerri Mahan, Makeup
Deborah Reidmiller, Costumes
Scott Swingle, Information Management

Joseph Bell, Scene Shop Manager/Master Carpenter
James Frady, Facilities/ Database Manager