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2018qualityMTVarts grew from a vision to mount “Peter Pan” and fly! No cash, few volunteers, just a dream. Twelve years later, all-volunteer MTVarts has produced 42 shows and has a home-of-our own at warehouse14!

Friday evening at the Kenyon Athletic Center the members of Knox County Chamber of Commerce awarded MTVarts the 2018 Quality of Life Award, given to a non-profit whose work has enriched the lives of Knox County residents.

Creating community theatre is hard work but the reward is a powerful, unified network of amazing people on and off the stage. Many give thousands of hours of their time to engage, educate, and entertain! Together we can do so much to make our community thrive!

THANK YOU Chamber, THANK YOU supporters, THANK YOU volunteers!

MTVarts is proud to support the work of The Knox Community Jazz Orchestra by sharing our rehearsal space at warehouse14.  Sundays this fall you will hear the sounds of preparation for their holiday concert.

You can also purchase tickets online by choosing the buy tickets button on our Home page.

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Here's a performance you won't want to miss as the holiday season arrives: the second annual Christmas concert of the Knox Community Jazz Orchestra. The 20-member big band will present "Swing into Christmas" on Sunday, December 2, at 3:00 p.m. in the Memorial Theater, Mount Vernon. Vocalists Alison Cline and Brad Fox will join the band in a full program of seasonal classics, including "I'll Be Home for Christmas," "Jingle Bells," "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm," "Joy to the Word," "Christmas Time Is Here," and "Sleigh Ride." This concert will get your toes tapping and put a smile on your face. Tickets cost $10 (free admission for children of 10 and under) and may be purchased at, First Knox National Bank, Paragraphs Bookstore, and at the door.

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artsIQ production of Annie JR and Annie KIDS is in full swing! The intensive ran efficiently thanks to our passionate and hard-working volunteers; the show is cast and rehearsals are underway.  There will 2 shows - 2 casts - 2 school performances -5 public performances.  Click on the poster on the home page for details on performance times for each cast and to buy your tickets.  Support live theater for the youth in our community and come see BOTH shows!  You are never fully dressed without a smile and we guarantee these kids will put a smile on your face!

Auditions will be held on Sat, October 27, 1-2:30pm @ warehouse14 for our 2019 Classics Series production A Raisin in the Sun.

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Set on Chicago’s South Side, the plot revolves around the divergent dreams and conflicts within three generations of the Younger family: son Walter Lee, his wife Ruth, his sister Beneatha, his son Travis, and matriarch Lena. When her deceased husband’s insurance money comes through, Mama Lena dreams of moving to a new home and a better neighborhood in Chicago. Walter Lee, a chauffeur, has other plans: buying a liquor store and being his own man. Beneatha dreams of medical school. The tensions and prejudice they face form this seminal American drama. The Younger family’s heroic struggle to retain dignity in a harsh and changing world is a searing and timeless document of hope and inspiration.



Cast calls for African American actors - 5 male, 4 female, 1 boy for the following roles:

• Walter Lee Younger (Lead). Male. 30s to 40s.
• Ruth Younger (Lead). Female. 30s.
• Travis Younger (Supporting). Male. 10 or 11.
• Beneatha Younger (Lead). Female. 20.
• Lena “Mama” Younger (Lead). Female. Early 60s.
• Joseph Asagai (Supporting). Male. 20s.
• George Murchison (Supporting). Male. 20s.
• Mrs. Johnson (Supporting). Female. Adult of any age.
• 2 Moving Men (Supporting). Male. Adult of any age.

Travel allowance. Non-equity. Non-paid. 

warehouse14 is located at 14 East Ohio Avenue in Mount Vernon OH.

Performance dates are May 3rd to 5th, 2019 including one free morning performance for city and county secondary school students. Those interested should contact Eli Chung, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Janis Stone, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Annie Jr. Registration will open Saturday May 12 at 10 a.m.

Registration is now closed

The youth artsIQ workshop teaches patricipants aspects of acting theatre. This workshop is a four day experience August 6 - August 9, 10am to 3pm each day. Workshops are held at the MTVarts Warehouse. Age of participants ranges from 8-18. Students must be entering the 3rd grade in the 2018-2019 school year and not be over 18 at the time of the perormance.

The acting workshop is $125 for each participant. This includes: Family Matters Booklet, Script/Score, Rehearsal CD, T-shirt, 2 opening night tickets, week long workshop, and participation in the Annie Jr. production.

Participation is limited to 50 students. This will be further broken down into age groups. Even if an age group is full please register your child as more spots could become available.


Scholarships are available by request on a limited basis. Participants can request a half or a full scholarship. Depending on the demand for scholarships, you may be asked for supporting information such as family size and annual income. Requests can be made on the registration form.


Every workshop participant has a role in the Annie Jr. production. On Thursday, August 9, during the workshop, the participants are given the opportunity to experience an audition similiar to our summer musical audition process. We will use these auditions to determine leading roles. Every student will have a role in Annie Jr.

Workshop/Rehearsal Schedule

After the workshop, we will have rehearsals Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings until closer to performance week. Tech week begins September 16 and we will have nightly rehearsals at that time. You will also be required to attend Mount Vernon's First Friday on September 7th for a promotional appearance.

School Performances

The Yes! Program and artsIQ will offer two school performances this year. Please be aware that your child needs to inform their teacher on the first day of school. These performances will be on the mornings of Thursday, September 20 and Friday, September 21. MTVarts has approval from Mount Vernon City Schools for these performances. Participants from other school districts need to contact their schools on the first day.

Public Performances are Friday, September 21 @ 7:30pm, Saturday,September 22 @ 7:30pm and Sunday, September 23 @ 2:00pm.  Venue Knox County Memorial Building Theater, reserved seating, tickets $15.

Character Breakdown


Annie is a complex little girl. She is a tough, streetwise urchin who is nevertheless vulnerable when she thinks she might lose what has become most important to her: a newfound "family" who loves her. She has to be motherly in scene one, independent in scene two, overwhelmed in scenes four and five, needy in scene seven, and hopeful for the future in scenes ten and eleven. The actor who plays Annie must be strong vocally and musically. She must be capable of vocal projection without strain. She also needs a good understanding of subtext so she can act appropriately during the various scenes between Warbucks and Grace, and Miss Hannigan and Grace. Although she is at times aggressive or crafty, the audience should never doubt Annie is a friendly and caring child; she will go to any extent to gain the love of a family to which she can belong.

Gender: Female; Vocal range top: E5; Vocal range bottom: A3

The Orphans

Molly, Tessie, July, Duffy, Kate and Pepper. These girls are gritty, neglected and vulnerable, yet basically honest and potentially lovable. The actors portraying them must be able to have mischievous fun with each other as well as "sibling-style" fights. Each student should be able to create and shape her own character. Children auditioning for these roles need to have vocal strength and be visually expressive.

Gender: Female

Miss Hannigan

This woman is definitely a "has-been." Her distaste for her job and the children that are part of it should be obvious in every line she speaks, every song she sings and every move she makes. The student who plays her must have an excellent sense of comic timing. The acrid delivery of her lines and the torch-like rendition of her songs must distinguish her from the other characters in the show.

Gender: Female; Vocal range top: D5; Vocal range bottom: G3

Grace Farrell

Grace is mature, calm, cool and "together." She is classy and businesslike when dealing with Miss Hannigan and Warbucks, yet maternal toward Annie. The student playing Grace can set herself apart from the other characters simply by the sophisticated way she walks. Grace should seem ready with an answer for just about anything. Each dramatic situation should seem to come "under control" the moment she glides into a scene. The student playing Grace must be able to negotiate the challenging intervals in "N.Y.C."

Gender: Female; Vocal range top: D5; Vocal range bottom: A3


Rooster and Lily are quite the team -- "team" being the operative word, as the characters play off each other constantly. These two are not to be taken too seriously! Rooster is flashy and self-assured. His "moves" should be as smooth as a gambler's, as should be the message he sells in "Easy Street." "Easy Street" is the most challenging number in the show, in terms of vocal range. Students playing Rooster and Lily must be strong both vocally and visually.

Gender: Male; Vocal range top: Eb5; Vocal range bottom: Bb3


Rooster and Lily are quite the team -- "team" being the operative word, as the characters play off each other constantly. Lily (airhead that she is) is always distracted, although she manages to pick up on any conversation involving money. She never acts as the leader, always bringing up the rear while tripping over her own feet (it is difficult to walk and check your makeup in a compact at the same time). "Easy Street" is the most challenging number in the show, in terms of vocal range.

Gender: Female; Vocal range top: Eb5; Vocal range bottom: Bb3


This may be the most challenging role for a student in this age group. He must appear middle-aged, self-assured and confident. At first awkwardly affectionate toward Annie, he soon finds himself completely charmed by her. He begins his transformation when he views "N.Y.C." through Annie's eyes and falls in love with the city again...and with her. The student who plays Warbucks will need to be extremely focused throughout the show. His posture, walk and speech patterns are very important. This young actor will be asked to shave his head for his character!

Gender: Male; Vocal range top: D5; Vocal range bottom: A3

Servants (Drake, Mrs. Greer and Mrs. Pugh)

From the moment these characters enter the acting area, their presence, posture and speech should suggest the most fastidious of domestic help. (Actors will have fun perfecting the precision steps, nods and curtsies.) Their heads are always held high and they rarely show their emotions. These roles are not difficult to sing, and creative students will have many opportunities to create charming characters of various ages.

Gender: Both; Vocal range top: D5; Vocal range bottom: A3


Younger students and those that are more comfortable performing in groups (without solo singing) will be part of ensembles.  Some will be Bundles, the chauffeur, Louis Howe, the apple seller and the dogcatcher. Many a career had been launched by playing an apple seller at age ten!