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Past Events

Of Mice and Men (2013)

Mice and Men PlaybillPerformed: July 6, 11, 12, 13 - 7:30PM & July 7, 14 - 2:00PM
Venue: Knox County Memorial Theatre


The Boss - Richard McKinley
Candy - Chuck Ransom
Crooks - Steve Jefferson
Carlson - Don Lincicome
Curley - Aaron Moreland
Curley's Wife - Kelly Lauth
George - Bruce Jacklin
Lenny - Matt Starr
Slim - Mike Connolly
Whit - Mike Andrews

Production Crew

Director - Aaron Moreland
Producer - Carrie Crouch
Assistant Stage Manager - Susan Moreland
Sound Engineer - Kevin Lauth
Sound Design - Ian Ernsberger
Set Construction - Steve Herbst
Stage Crew - Kate Redfield, Steve Herbst, Sam Vance, and Rachael Aust
Poster/Program - Black Cat Creative


The Diary of Anne Frank (2010)

Anne FrankPerformed: September 2010
Venue: Centerburg High School



Otto Frank - Desmond Wall

Miep Gies - Jennifer Casner

Mrs. Van Daan - Mary Ann Calhoun

Mr. Van Daan - Robert Bennett

Peter Van Daan - Steven Meeker

Edith Frank - Laura Miller

Margot Frank - Erin Bell

Anne Frank - Kinsey Crow

Mr. Kraler - Matt Starr

Dr. Dussel - Jerry Redfield

Mouschie the Cat - Toby


Production Crew:

Director - Bruce Jacklin

Stage Manager - Kate Redfield

Producers - Carrie Crouch, Laura Tirronen

Tech Director - Ian Ernsberger

Lights - Bonnie Pickett

Set Construction - Joseph Bell, Dan Bockover, Rick Ernsberger, Dan Fox

Costumes - Chris Aust, Michele Bayko


I Never Sang for My Father (2010)

Never Sang for my FatherPerformed: May 2010
Venue: Alcove Theatre



Alice - Catherine Blair Wilhelm

Dr. Pell - Ted Dingler

Dr. Mayberry - Bill Harris

Margaret Garrison - Mickie Galajda

Nurse - Susan Gordon

Gene Garrison - Bruce Jacklin

Marvin Scott - Richard McKinley

Tom Garrison - Chuck Ransom

Mary - Kate Redfield

Porter - Desmond Wall



Director - Ian Ernsberger

Producer - Ted Dingler

Stage Manager - Kate Redfield

Technical Director/Sound/Lights - Jennifer Johns

Set - Rick Ernsberger, Ian Ernsberger, Dan Fox, Kim Fox, Thor Fox, Bruce Jacklin, Kate Redfield

Costuming - Cast and Crew

Curtain Speech - Mike Andrews

Promotional Design - Carrie Crouch


Of Mice and Men (2008)

Venue: Kenyon


Cinderella (2011)

Show: Cinderella
Performed: July 8-17, 2011
Venue: Knox County Memorial Theatre


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