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Auditions for Bye Bye Birdie are fast approaching! Online registration is available. Please review the following information for role and audition requirements. Auditions will be held at warehouse14 on Saturday April 22 and callbacks will be on Saturday April 29.

Morning Session: 9:30 a.m. to Noon

  • Arrive at 9:30 a.m.
  • You must be checked in and ready to go by 10 a.m.

Afternoon Session 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

  • Arrive at 11:30 a.m.
  • You must be checked in and ready to go by Noon

Register Online Now


Albert Peterson (Baritone, 28-37, dance, pratfalls)
President of Almaelou Music Corp. Birdie's manager. Sweet, but a pushover. Strong acting, good voice needed.

Rosie Alvarez (Alto, 26-35, true "triple-theat" role)
Albert's secretary - the real brain of the pair. Strong-willed, smart, of Spanish heritage, patience of a saint.

Conrad Birdie (Baritone, Elvislike, 21-30, dance)
Handsome rockstar. Frustrated by those who run his career.

Mr. Harry MacAfee (Baritone, Comedy, 40-55)
A typical old fashioned, grumpy father, frustrated with the behavior of "teenagers today". A comedic role. Singing is required but is not difficult.

Mrs. Doris MacAfee (Mezzo, 40-50)
Mr. MacAfee's supportive wife. Steady, calm, in control of a nervous, grouchy husband and a hysterical teenage daughter. Very little singing.

Mae Peterson (Non-Singing, Comedic, 55-75)
Albert's overbearing, controlling mother. Strong acting and good comic timing.

Gloria Rasputin (Non-Singing, comedic, 21-30, tap dance)
Albert's mother's choice for Albert's new secretary. Tap dancing blonde bombshell.

Reporters, Policemen, Bartender, Stage Mngr. ,Conductor, Traveler, Mayor's Wife


Randolph (Tenor, 10)
The MacAfee's son. Very little singing.


Ursula Merkel (Mezzo, 13-17, "triple-threat")
The hyper-enthusiastic leader of Conrad's teenage fans. Kim's best friend and neighbor.

Kim MacAfee (Soprano/Mezzo, 15, high A)
Winner of the kissing contest. A typical 50's teenager. Pretty, self-confident. Strong acting and singing, group dancing.

Suzie (Mezzo, 13-17)
A teenage fan of Conrad's.

Helen, Nancy, Margie, Alice, Penelope (Mezzo, dance)
A featured chorus of Conrad's fans.

Hugo Peabody (Non-Singing, 15-18)
Kim's dorky, jealous boyfriend.

Karl, Harvey Johnson (Baritone, 13-17, dance)
Boys to go with the girls in Sweet Apple.

Initial Audition Songs

Rosie – Mezzo-soprano, Must be able to sing well G below middle C, Spanish Rose, measures 1 -39, What Did I Ever See in Him, measures 3–28

Albert – Tenor with strong lower register or baritone with strong upper register, Put on a Happy Face, measures7-37, Baby, Talk to Me, measures 2-32

Kim – Soprano with strong lower register or high mezzo-soprano with strong upper register, How Lovely to Be a Woman, measures 24-103, One Boy, measures 3-35

Conrad – Tenor, Honestly Sincere, measures 2-43 and measures 55-102. A Lot of Livin' to Do, measures 2-58

Mr. Macafee – Baritone or Tenor, Kids, measures 3-32

Mrs. Macafee – Mezzo-soprano, Kids, measures 51 to the end of the song

Margie, Deborah, Sue Ursula – Song from the musical theatre repertoire

Randolph – Unchanged voice – Song from the musical theatre repertoire and Ed Sullivan, measures 9-14

All other characters – Song from the musical theatre repertoire **Please bring sheet music**

Callback Songs

Kim – All of How Lovely to Be a Woman without melody doubled by the piano - You may be stopped before the end of the song.

Rosie and Kim Duet – What Did I Ever See in Him, measures 56-76

Albert and Rosie Duet – Rosie, All of the song – You may be stopped before the end of the song.

Conrad – Honestly Sincere, All of the song, but you may be asked to sing only measures 149 to the end of the song.


Audition Choreography Video
Audition Choreography: Breakdown Video
A Lot of Livin' To Do Audition Cut MP3

This document is meant to be used as a supplement to the Choreography Video Breakdown, if needed. It is the list of steps, in order, for the Bye Bye Birdie Audition Choreography. 

Please be sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes you can dance in. If you have any questions, please email Bonnie Pickett, our Choreography Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

Looking forward to a great summer Katie Delozier and Ashleigh Zarley, Choreographers 

Key:  RF = Right Foot  LF = Left Foot  
Steps: 1. 2 kicks with jazz hands, RF flexed
2. Grape vine step  (RF back, LF side, RF front)
3. 4 chugs with floppy wrists  (Angle left, right, left, right)
4. 2 kicks with jazz hands, LF flexed
5. Grape vine step  (LF back, RF side, LF front)
6. 4 kicks with snapping fingers, RF first  (Angle right)  
7. Ball change with prep arms  (RF back, LF front)
8. Pirouette to the right  (Arms in first position, a “circle”) (RF to left knee, land with feet next to each other)
9. 3 heel lifts (“up an over”) (Start to the right, then left, then right pose)
10. Lindy to the left (LF gallup, ball change RF back, LF front)
11. Lindy to the right  (RF gallup, ball change LF back, RF front)  
12.  16 Sugars with jazz hands (LF first and turn in a circle to the left)
13.  Kick hops with floppy wrists, facing left corner (RF kick, jump together, RF kick, jump together,   RF kick 3 times to turn to right corner, jump together)   
2 of 2
14.  Kick hops with floppy wrists, facing right corner (LF kick, jump together, LF kick, jump together,   LF kick 3 times to turn to left corner, jump together)
15. The “Birdie” x2  (Jump to elbows up, head tilts right, heels outward   Jump back together)
16.  Toe Heel crawls with floppy wrists, traveling right   (RF toe, heel, toe, heel    LF alternating)
17. The “Birdie” x2  (Jump to elbows up, head tilts right, heels outward   Jump back together)
18.  Toe Heel crawls with floppy wrists, traveling left (LF toe, heel, toe, heel    RF alternating)  
19. Scissor x2 with arms crossed then open, starting left   (#1 - LF jump or “hop”, RF “cross” front,    LF jump or “hop”, RF “heel” to right corner)   (#2 - RF jump or “hop”, LF “cross” front,    RF jump or “hop”, LF “heel” to left corner)
20.  Pivot turn step together, with arms up    (LF front turn back, pivot on RF    LF step back, RF step together)  
21. Side jump right with snapping fingers, LF pointed
22. Grape vine step  (LF back, RF side, LF front)
23. Side jump left with snapping fingers, RF pointed
24. Grape vine step  (RF back, LF side, RF front)
25. Cha cha x2 with arms of your choice, RF start

MTVarts is proud to announce their 2017 theatre season. Starting things off in May is the Classics Series "12 Angry Men". In July First-Knox National Bank brings Broadway to the Memorial with "Bye Bye Birdie". Our 4th annual artsIQ fall workshop for students will be held in August, with students auditioning for "Lion King Jr". In September we will be bringing back "How I Became A Pirate" to the stage, and finally the artsIQ students will perform "Lion King Jr" at the end of September.

Tickets for all productions are on sale now here online, or in person at the First-Knox Box Office located on the Square in downtown Mount Vernon. Imagine more together!

We are happy to announce the cast for Alice in Wonderland Jr! Tickets are on sale now for the performance.

Alice - Veronica Morgan
Small Alice - Rylee Jarosz
Chesire Cat - Peyton Hauenstein-Cline, JJ House, Chloe Skillman
White Rabbit - Lacey Blubaugh
Tweedle Dee - Megan Campbell
Tweedle Dum - Kennedy Aikey
Mathilda (Sea Creature/Partier) - Maya McDonald
Rose - Elle Pavao
Petunia - Isabel McDonald
Lily - Mia Tracey
Violet - Destany Stoneburner
Daisy - Ella Ackert
Caterpillar - Luna Moreland
Mad Hatter - Thor Fox
March Hare - Mark Fongheiser
Queen of Hearts - Fredi Bockover
King of Hearts (Sea Creature) - Ethan McDonald
Doorknob (Sea Creature/Partier) - Brianna Small
Dodo Bird - Kalyn Zak
Card #1 (Ace of Spaces) (Vocal Solo) (Animal) - Lance Jones
Card #2 (2 of Clubs) (Volcal Solo) (Animal) - Brendan Williams
Card #3 (3 of Diamonds) (Vocal Solo) (Animal) - Hailey Davis
Card #4 (Vocal Solo) (Animal) - Stella Kauffman
Clocks/Flowers (Featured Dancers) - Emma Cheek, Anna Dinnen, Isabella Fontaine, Makayla Harris, Rebekah Lebold, Esme McDonald
Park Kids/Puppeteers - Hunter Harris, Alex Jarosz, Miranda Karlovetz, Julia Manning
Park Kids/Bugs - Hannah Blubaugh, Julia davis, Henry Freeman, Gabrielle Fuller, Lily Rheinscheld, Halle Smith, Marissa Sweeney, Carly Tracey
Animals/Partiers/Pages - Kieran Karlovetz, Johnny Manning, Laura Page
Animals/Cardsmen - Zane Jones, Taryn Waugh, Samantha Webb
Lobsters/Roses - Addyson Ellison, Rachel Furr, Kaitlyn Hall, Bethany McClain
Fish/Cardsmen - Paris Frazee, Allison Page, Grace Zoldak
Sea Creatures/Partiers - Dance Ballmer, Will Stemen
Flamingos/Partiers - Autumn Laymon, Grace Laymon, Molly Roberts, Olivia Roberts