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Registration goes live for MTVarts' slate of Winter after school theatre education classes on Sunday December 10,2023.

To register your family and sign up for classes, click here:

Once you are registered you will be able to view and choose classes.

Next class begins on January 20, 2024 .

CLASS - Stagecraft

INSTRUCTOR - Mary Harris

DATES -  January 20 to March 2, 2024

TIME - Saturdays at 12:30pm

AGES - 11 and up


There's so much more to theatre than just acting on stage! Join Mary Harris for discovery of tech work behind the scenes. We'll look at stage management, props, set dressing, lighting, costumes, and more.



INSTRUCTOR - Bruce Jacklin

DATES -  February 5 through February 16

TIME - Mondays through Thursday at 4:00pm Showcase on Friday, Feb 16

AGES - 7- 9


ACTING UP is for the students interested in learning the basic tools of acting and using their imaginations. Students will explore and demonstrate the 5 tools of the actor – body, voice, concentration, cooperation and imagination – through theater games and activities. We have created the perfect environment for students who are looking to make new friends, move their bodies, and make some noise! Join us at the end of the session for the student-driven informal performance where the students will imagine and execute their own story to perform. Class will take place Monday-Thursday for two weeks. The final Friday, 2/16, will be a showcase with actors arriving at 4pm and parents/guests at 5pm


MINI WORKSHOP - It's Showtime

INSTRUCTOR - Bruce Jacklin

DATES - February 26 through March 8, 2024

TIME - Mondays through Thursday at 4:00pm Showcase on Friday, March 8

AGES - 10-14


IT'S SHOWTIME will unlock your child’s creativity and take them on an adventure into the imagination! Actors will choose their own characters and put them all together into an original story, which they write, rehearse and perform as a short play on the last day of the workshop. While developing these skills the students will improve their ability to listen, follow directions, compose a story, understand conflict & resolution, develop a character, accomplish an objective, collaborate with peers, perform in front of an audience, and use their imagination! Places everyone, it’s showtime! Class with be Monday-Thursday afternoons, followed by a showcase on Friday afternoon (actors arrive 4pm, parents/guests arrive at 5pm for showcase)


CLASS - Let's Act

INSTRUCTOR - Shauna Davis

DATES -  April 20 through May 11

TIME - Saturdays at 10:00am

AGES - 5 to 8


This class invites our young elementary friends to start or continue their journey in theatre. With games, songs, role-playing and time together, we explore monologues, scenes, and comfort with the stage.


CLASS - Preschool Theatre

INSTRUCTOR - Shauna Davis

DATES -  April 20 to May 11, 2024

TIME - Saturdays at 9:00am

AGES - 3 to 6


This class introduces our youngest actors to the theatre with games, songs, and activities to improve confidence, collaboration, and comfort on stage.





 Register and Check Jackrabbit for any new classes.