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WOZ w bank event

COME FLY WITH US! Yellow brick roads, flying monkeys, talking lions, and magical ruby slippers ... It’s not a dream; it's a place, and you can be there July 6-14!

Once again MTVarts will be on the stage at the Knox County Memorial Theater; we can't wait to showcase all the technical upgrades being completed. ZFX Flying Effects from Louisville, Ky. has been hired to facilitate theatrical flight. Performance rights obtained from Tams-Witmark: A Concord Theatricals Company.

Bruce Jacklin and his artistic team, including Music Director Diane Dingler, choreography by Laura Webster, Kristen Michels, Leslie Bell, and Carrie Hyman, costuming by Susan S.B. Brown, Jessica Smarrella, Ruth Frady, Kerri Mahan and their team, and set by Joe Bell will take a fresh look at the classic tale. Stage Management will be led by Samantha Turner working with lighting designer Katie Vicellio, sound designer Alex Thompson, fly caption Steve Jefferson supported by a stage crew which includes Eli Chung and Jennifer Walters.

Keeping with the nationwide popularity of “Wicked, the Musical,” the film “Oz The Great and Powerful” and numerous steampunk versions on the Syfy channel, the audience is hungry for something "new yet familiar” says Director Jacklin. “With all the traditional characters, film dialogue and the MGM score, we are designing some spectacular visual elements with the costumes, set pieces, choreography and lighting. While presenting something familiar, yet new, we never lose the fact that 'there’s no place like home.'”



Dorothy Gale  ~ Hannah Chelle Frye

Zeke / Cowardly Lion ~ Thor Collard

Hickory / Tin Man ~ Aaron Turnbull

Hunk / Scarecrow ~ Mark Mahan

Glinda ~ Colleen Fitzpatrick

Guard of Oz ~ Rodney Cheek

Professor Marvel / Wizard of Oz ~ Ian Fraser Ernsberger

Mrs. Gulch / Wicked Witch of the West ~ Megan Evans

Aunt Em ~ Abigail Tayse

Uncle Henry ~ John Wareham

Mayor Of Munchkin City ~ Carrie Hyman

Muchkin Braggert ~ Joey Ferguson

Munchkin Herald ~ Rebecca Davis

Munchkin Barrister ~ Joselyn Bates

Munchkin Coroner ~ Kate Ernsberger

Munchkin Teacher ~ Kerri Mahan

Munchkin Fathers ~ Madigan Kennedy, Isabella Fontaine

Munchkin Fiddler ~ Emily Hammond

Lollipop Guild ~ Joey Daley, Joey Ferguson, Rogue Griffith

Lullaby League ~ Kiersten Clinedinst, Jillian Snow, Reese Ferenbaugh

Crows / Flying Monkeys ~ Alex Diehl, Kyle Boucher, Samuel Wolfe

Nikko ~ Samuel Wolf

Trees ~ Abigail Tayse, Ella Ackert, Caroline Pletcher

Winkie General - Jay Mahan

Winkies ~ Glen Hissong, Tyler Scowden, Bill Davis, Daniel Barich


Minda Bates

Fredi Bockover

Gwen Brady

Elizabeth Diehl

Mary Rugola Dye

Emilee Fletcher

Vivian Hawk

Gwen Stein

-Featured dancers will be announced at a later date-