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pirate playbill 1Performed: September 2013
Venue: Knox County Memorial Theatre


Captain Braid Beard - Joseph Bell
Calico Jack - Ted Dingler
Max - Ian Fraser Ernsberger
Pierre - Bill Harris
Swill - Aaron Moreland
Parents of Veronica and Vincent - John and Tonya Morgan
Scurvy Dog - Rick Schlegel
Sharktooth - Matt Starr
Jeremy Jacob - Conner Triplett
Seymour Braunschwagger - Nick Zarley

Production Crew

Director - JJ House, Bruce Jacklin
Music Director - Mary Harris, Diane Dingler
Choreographer - Thor Fox, Ashleigh Zarley
Costumer - Catherine Haws, Michele Bayko, Chris Aust
The Crew - Luna Moreland, Fredi Bockover, Karly Jacklin, Julia Manning, William Manning, Megan Porter
The Mentors - Janis Stone, Nick Zarley, Kati Bockover, Scott Swingle, Joellen Hunter, Carrie Swingle
Project Manager - Justine Moreland
JJ's Advocate - Sadie Hunter
Stage Manager - Leslie Bell, Kate Ernsberger
Stage Crew - Alex Diehl, Aiden Clarkson, Jackie Hatch-Miller
Fly - Dan Bockover
Makeup - Veronica Morgan
Rehearsal Accompanist - Corey Strinka
Props - Megan Evans
Sound Technician - Ashleigh Zarley
Microphones - Carrie Swingle
Set Construction - Steve Herbst
Photography & Film - Justin Aikman
Gala Coordinators - Megan Evans, Pam Faust
Volunteers - Elaine Ambrosiani, Kim Fox, Lily Haws, Josh Koehler, Joanna Manning, Geraldine Moore