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Walter Lee Younger - Nigel Salvador
Lena Younger - Kathy Mendenhall
Beneatha Younger - Shauna Marie Davis
Ruth Younger - Shannon Simpson
Joseph Asagai - Jay Artist
George Murchison - Christopher Smith
Bobo - Steve Jefferson
Karl Lindner - Bruce Jacklin
Travis Younger - Collin McFarlane
Moving Men - James Derby, Terry Adams


Director - Bruce Jacklin, Steve Jefferson
Producer - Janis Stone
Stage Manager - Eli Chung
Run Crew - Kyle Boucher, Jim Frady
Set Designer - Bruce Jacklin
Set Construction - Joseph Bell
Costumer - Susan Brown
Hair and Wigs - Ruth Frady
Make Up - Kerri Mahan
Props - Megan Evans
Light Designer - Kurt Mueller
Sound Designer - Rodney Cheek
Sound/Mic Operator - Rodney Cheek
Ticketing - Scott Swingle
Dramaturg - Eli Chung
Playbill - Megan Evans