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Our Mission
Together we are inspiring dreams; teaching skills, instilling confidence and courage; and ensuring quality affordable live theatre. Our core values are all-volunteer, audience-driven, fueled by passion, quality, and innovation.



janis presentationWHO WE ARE

MTVarts is an all-volunteer, non-profit community theatre production company with proven success providing quality, affordable entertainment to our community while continually building organizational infrastructure to assure long-term survival.


MTVarts' is making theatre.  We are a producing theatre company with a fluid business plan, staying true to our pledge to be audience-driven.  Our programming includes our Summer Musical Series sponsored by Park National Bank; our educational outreach falls under 3 banners. The Classics Series which presents the works of American playwrights and artsIQ which is youth-oriented performance-based workshops are sponsored by Ariel Corporation. We also offer arts education at warehouse14 with classes and workshops.  Special projects have included production of original works like Rooted:Stories of Knox County and Welcome Home, a Tribute to Vietnam Veterans as well as one-act festivals, kids breakfast club, interactive theatre, musical revues, partnership events, and 2013’s The JJ Project – making a boy’s dream to direct a reality.  We provide production assistance to schools, theatre groups, and community events. We participate and have earned awards at OCTA and AACT festivals.


Originally designed as a communication tool, MTVarts grew from a local theatre troupe, Bruce Jacklin & Company. BJ&C, with production support by MTVarts, offers dinner theatre at The Alcove Restaurant, a 100 year old institution in historic Mount Vernon. Our first venture as MTVarts was a 2007 production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. In 2008 MTVarts was granted Public Charity Status 509 (a) (2) and is tax exempt under section 501 (c)(3) of the IRS. Your contributions to MTVarts are tax deductible.


MTVarts is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Trustees (changed only by resolution) to ensure continuity of vision and purpose.  MTVarts is blessed with a core of dedicated volunteers who donate hours of time, goods, and services for day-to-day management of productions and facilities.

We are funded through ticket sales, donations, grants, and corporate support. 

The MTVarts logo was designed by BlackCatCreative to represent the fingerprint each artist leaves on their work. A tree was chosen as our graphic identity to visually illustrate there is as much unseen as there is seen and our audience-driven organization pledges to remain green and growing. Our tag line best describes all that is MTVarts . . . Imagine more, together!


With the support of The Ariel Foundation and Knox County Properties, our dream to lease a space for rehearsal, workshops, and costume/prop storage became reality in 2014. MTVarts continually works to renovate the facility for maximum efficiency.  We also continue to work with the City of Mount Vernon and other community partners toward the creation of a working place where art and science meet the community in historic Blackberry Alley.

Our dreams and goals are as diverse as our volunteers but at MTVarts, we believe in dreaming.


Because of the dedication and hard work of some very passionate and talented volunteers.

Because foundations and corporate sponsors believe in community theatre.

Because businesses purchase advertising.

Because individuals donate and volunteer.

Because people buy tickets and come see our shows.

. . . because you believe!