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As our passionate, audience-driven volunteers scurry to mount our 2020 season of making theatre, I must smile. We are all so fortunate to live in this community with access to organizations like MTVarts.

Last year we wrapped up production on our 44th show and, believe it, making theatre is hard work. 2019 ended the decade strongly with 20 performances of 4 shows with 19,848 recorded volunteers’ hours from 263 folks. The dollar value of that (according to the Independent Sector) is $504,727. There is even more when you consider prep work and event support that isn’t recorded. Now that is passion for the arts!

To cover our 2019 production costs, our tickets should have averaged $31

but thanks to amazing support from an engaged community, no ticket was over $20.

We can’t do this alone – partnerships are vital. Cash donors, advertisers, local foundations, and sponsorships from local businesses and organizations make it possible to fulfill our mission of quality, affordable live theatre.