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It's a "big bright beautiful world" as everyone's favorite ogre, Shrek, leads a cast of fairytale misfits on an adventure to rescue a princess and find true acceptance.  Part romance and part twisted fairy tale, Shrek JR. is an irreverently fun show with a powerful message for the whole family. Our show will take the stage of the Memorial for 4 performances Friday, September 23rd through Sunday September 25th.

Thanks to First Church of the Nazarene for allowing MTVarts the use of their Family Life Center and Teen Wing to host a week long artsIQ workshop under the direction of Christan Sears.  Instructors Caroline Pletcher, Corey Strinka, Christopher Hartman, Mary Harris, Bruce Jacklin, Leah Miller, Susan Brown, Ruth Frady, Kerri Mahan, Steve Jefferson, and Abigail Tayse led sessions on different aspects of musical production. Chloe Skillman, Taryn Waugh, Rachel Furr, Kristen Campbell, Sarah Gratz, and many parents supported in countless ways to make the week a rousing success.  

MTVarts is proud to announce the cast of artsIQ SHREK JR  

Storyteller Pink Flora

Storyteller Blue Merryweather

Storyteller Green Fauna

Mama Ogre

Papa Ogre

Little Ogre




Lord Farquaad

Captain of the Guards



Big Bad Wolf

Pig 1

Pig 2

Pig 3

Blind Mice 1

Blind Mice 2

Blind Mice 3

Wicked Witch

Peter Pan

Ugly Duckling

Mama Bear

Papa Bear

Baby Bear

Dwarf/Grumpy Farmer




Puss in Boots

Young Fiona

Teen Fiona

Princess Fiona

Princess Fiona Ogre

Knight 1

Knight 2       

Knight 3     

Knight 4

Knight 5      

Pied Piper





Dragon Puppet                









Woodland Creatures


Madelyn Jones

Isabella Oster

Nora Gotschall

McKinley Figurski

Kale Oswalt

Charles Arrigo

Jackson Barrett

Kiarah Smith

Logan Montgomery

Drew Caton

Antonio Rojas

Ashlynn Scott

Esme McDonald

Peyton Hauenstein Cline

Ady DeCosky

Briggs Swallow

Zell Paster

Reese Ferenbaugh

Kailee Foreman

Gabrielle Fuller

Auralie Yoder

Carter Skillman

Kiersten Clinedinst

Rosie Stemen

Ben Stemen 

Jo Jo Lobdell

Will Stemen

Avery Sears

Madison Sichina 

Corra Griffith

Lanah Andrews

Kate Gottke

Kate Marhefka

Minda Bates

McKinley Figurski

Sadie Ryals

Elizabeth Shull

Gwen Brady

Gabrielle Fuller

Jillian Snow

Will Pletcher

Dorthea McCoy

Deyvon Hall

Owen Cook

Simon Ryals

 Maggie Richardson

  • Charlee Clinedinst
  • Izzy Cook
  • Owen Cook
  • Zach Cramer
  • Gabrielle Fuller
  • Clara Hauenstein
  • Dorthea McCoy
  • Will Pletcher
  • Jillian Snow
  • Camilla Witt

  • Rinoa Beard
  • Rosie Bernicken
  • Evelyn Brandenberg
  • Marley Carrico
  • Eleanor Cramer
  • Lily Farmer
  • Charlee Foley
  • Julia Foley
  • Brooklyn Fullington
  • Maddie Graham
  • Ava Hoobler
  • Mira Jedlinsky
  • Anna Miletic
  • Andrew Petersen
  • Anneliese Scott
  • Annie Stemen
  • Josie Snyder
  • Amelia Wells
  • Ryder Witt

Production Crew : Ainsley Sweeney, Joslin Frazer, Maura Lauth, Jenna Jurkowitz, Will Stemen

Additional roles will be assigned once logistics are worked out. No one will appear in just one song/scene. If you are unable to accept your role please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Performance dates have changed. Second weekend cancelled.  See show page.