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Season Sponsors 2022

Otho Eyster and Carol Garner $1500

The Sant-Bernicken Fund $1500

John and Jane DeCosky $1,000

Libby and Alex Wright $500

Thor Collard $500

Friends of MTVarts 2022 Season

Sonia Corrigan $400

Eric and Kami Diehl $100 

Nancy Revenaugh $100 - In Memory of Ted Dingler and In Honor of Diane Dingler

Judy Jones $50

Ada and Russ Carey $25

KIDS thank you









Season Sponsors 2021

Ariel Corporation

White Castle $10,000 (specified Welcome Home, A Tribute to Vietnam Veterans)

Boo n'Brew Festival Chosen Charity $8,500

Chloris A. Fritz Memorial Fund $8,000

Elks Lodge of Mount Vernon $5,753.19

V.F.W. Post 4027 $2,000 (specified Welcome Home, A Tribute to Vietnam Veterans)

Otho Eyster and Carol Garner $1,500

Ora and Sue Smith $1,000

Knox Community Hospital $1,000

John and Jane DeCosky $1,000

Joe and Sally Nelson $1,000

Howard and Sarah Gratz $900

Susan and Robert Moreland $500

Barbara Barry $500

Sonia Corrigan $500 "in thanks for our experience with The Sound of Music"

Diane Dingler $500

Joseph and Krystina Mortellaro $500

AMVETS Memorial Post 95 $500 (specified Welcome Home, A Tribute to Vietnam Veterans)

Friends of MTVarts 2021

Dane Heuchemer $350

Janice Gammil $300 in honor of Susan Moreland

Beth Prince $300

PSI IOTA XI Sorority (Beta Upsilon Chapter) $250

Marsha Rinehart $250

Rebecca Sigler Raffle of The Sound of Mice $220

Roy and Toni Glaser $200

Bonita Warren $200

Barry Bowden and Jackie Johnson $150

Nancy Revenaugh in honor of Diane Dingler $100

Ruth Griffing in honor of Sarah Gratz $100

Dan Bockover $100

Chase Eyster $100

Sarah Goslee Reed $100

Jeff & Erin Gottke $100

Mary Rugola Dye $100

Robert and Mary Crumm $100

David Walsh $100

Keith and Angie Richards $100

Chuck Comfort, Veteran Tech CEO $100

Rhonda Reindscheld $25

Chuck Gherman $20

Memorial Donations 2021

Diane Dingler $100 in Memory of Ted Dingler

Doug and Nancy Nagle $100 in Memory of Herbert Schneider

Jeremy Redfield $50 in Memory of T Ron Fraser

Dick and Nancy Laslo $50 in Memory of Chuck Ransom

Thanks to Frozen ticket patrons that donated a portion of their purchase.

Jodi Pursel, Tom Clinedinst, Amy Bernicken, Whitney Carrico, Melissa Caudill "dedication for the Nora Gotschall Family", Wendi Fowler, Chase Eyster, Lavonne Elwood, Judy DeVolld, John Davis, Christina Cook, Keri Campbell, Lafe Brownfield, Jenny Brown, Cyndi Atkinson, Stephanie Burson, and so many others.

Thanks to the businesses that support MTVarts with in-kind donations: Wilging, Roush and Parson, CPAs, G.R. Smith Hardware, Pak Mail, and Williams Tax Accounting.

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Awarded $3,291 under the OAC ArtStart program for "MTVarts Our Favorite Things" which was a production of seven performances of "The Sound of Music."
Awarded $3,231 from the OAC Arts Partnership program for "artsIQ Innovative Quality Arts Education." Activities include: 1) Classics Series’ exploration of iconic works of American playwrights, 2) artsIQ’s production of live musical, 3) BlackBox at warehouse14’s intermediate and advanced theater instruction, 4) field trips to local theatre venues, and 5) program evaluation. Funds awarded in 2021 will be applied to performance-based workshops which culminate in youth productions of Disney's Frozen JR and Disney's Frozen KIDS.

 ANY QUESTIONS ON DONATIONS SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Season Sponsors 2020

Donate $500 and above
Donation for 2021 

The Schnormeier Family Fund $10,000*

Susan Ramser $5,000*
Elks Lodge of Mount Vernon $2,627.73
Blake Fritz $2,000
Otho Eyster and Carol Garner $1,500*
Robert E. Boss $1,000

John and Jane DeCosky $1,000
Joe and Sally Nelson $1,000
The Sant-Bernicken Fund $1,000
Barbara Barry $500
Thor Collard $500
Howard and Sarah Gratz $500
Sara Lynn Kerr $500
Joe and Krys Mortellaro $500
Jodi L. Pursel $500
Larry and Sarah Reed $500
Ora and Sue Smith $500
Alex and Libby Wright $500
Veterans of Foreign War Post 4027 $500

MTVarts is blessed to work with some very fine businesses and organizations serving as our advisors and donated services.
In-kind services are of great value and we sincerely appreciate these businesses who donated in 2020.

Knox County Hospital patronage to support the purchase of well lights. $4,000
Wilging, Roush, and Parsons CPAs Debbie Diener and Shelly Rojas Annett  $1,500
Lapp Heating and Cooling Mike and Natalie Cooperrider $807
Park National Bank Robert Boss, Monique Milligan
Williams Accounting Services

Knox County Properties


Heritage Ohio Grant $1,916.70
Ohio Arts Council $1,469



Donate up to $499
Donation made for 2021 

Specialty Outdoor Services in honor of Joe and Marty Bell $400

Bryce Coffing $250
Bonnie Pickett $250
Jodi L. Pursel $250 **
Kokosing Construction Company in honor of the Foreman Family $200
Diane Dingler $200
Cate Blair-Wilhelm $100
The Bowden Family $100
Kevin and Diana Burt $100
Chris and Aaron Cook $100
Courtney DeCosky and Jeff Williams $100
Ruth Griffing $100
Judy Jones $100
Marilyn Kousoulas $100
Susan Moreland $100
Jill Plichta $100
Beth Prince $100
Steve Stone $100
The Walker-Simpson Family $100


Facebook Campaign in Memory of Chuck Ransom $3,020*
The Laslo Family $25 in memory of Chuck Ransom
The Perkins/Gipple Family in memory of "mom" Barbara Perkins $500
Anonymous in memory of Barbara Perkins*
Andrew Carlson in memory of Barbara Perkins $500
Leslie Seibert in memory of Barbara Perkins $100
Annette Himmelmann in memory of Barbara Perkins $100
Barbara Barry in memory of Barbara Perkins $50
Carol Navin in memory of Barbara Perkins $60
Chase Eyster in memory of Richard Murray Esq $50

 Thank you web

If your name is not listed above and you have made a donation, if there is any error in this listing, or you have donated in-kind services to MTVarts please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
* donation made in 4th quarter of 2019
black ink - donation made in 2020