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2023 vision and fundraising goals

2024 Season Sponsors

(Nov 1, 2023 thru Oct 31, 2024)

Thanks to an anonymous donor, donations designated with an * were matched

Alex and Libby Wright $3,000*

Dean and Marsha Rinehart Family Fund $2,500*

Mark and Denise Ramser $2,000*

Otho Eyster and Carol Garner $2,000*

The Giles Family $500*

Thor Collard $500 *

Anonymous $500


2024 Friends of MTVarts

Barry Bowden $100 Lottie and Craig Shira $100*

Ruth Griffing $100*

Leslie Seibert $100


Memorial Donations

Mary Dye $100 In Memory of Ghislaine Quinn

Roger and Susan Carlson $500 In Memory of Barbara Perkins

Roger and Susan Carlson $250 In Memory of Darlene Palm

Roger and Susan Carlson $250 In Memory of Nate Jacklin


Raise the Curtain on Arts Education Capital Campaign:

Ohio Department of Development Arts Economic Relief Grant $25,017.83 

Energy Cooperative Operation Round Up $3,000

Richard and Arline Landers Foundation $20,000 *

Joe and LeeAnne Jurkowitz $3,000

Ora and Sue Smith $3,000

Joe and Sally Nelson $3,000

Keith and Vickie Sant $1,000

Jana Stewart 

Austin (Trey) and Carla Swallow $1,000

Angela Coyne $1,000

John and Jane DeCosky $1,000

Aaron and Chris Cook $750

Megan Evans $500

Amy Murnen $500

Jay and Sonia Corrigan $500

Jesse and Jessica Ryals $500

Zac Sherman $300

Wendi Fowler $100

Barry Bowden $00

Lottie Shire $50

Ada Carey $50

Rachel Spear $40

Emily Wise in recognition of Evelynn Brandenburg $25


Please notify us if this information does not match your records.

All cash donations given to MTVarts are tax deductible.
Public Charity Status 509 (a) (2)
tax exempt 501 (c) (3)


2023 Season Sponsors

Blake Fritz $5,000 In loving memory of Chloris A. Fritz 

Elks Lodge of Mount Vernon $4,137.48

Carol Garner and Honorable Otho Eyster $1,500 *
Jane and John DeCosky $1,500

Stephen and Janis Stone $1,000 *
Ora and Sue Smith $1,000 * 
Alex and Libby Wright $1,000 *
Keith and and Vickie Sant $1,000 
The Children of Earl and Shirley Heuchemer $1,000 
Joe and Sally Nelson $1,000

Beth Prince $850.

Amy, Brian, Rosie, Joanne Bernicken $750
Michael and Christan Sears $750

Montez Morey $700

Thor Collard $600 *

Eric and Kami Diehl $500 *
Susan and Bob Moreland $500 *
Jodi Pursel $500 *
Matthew and Megan Snow $500
Barbara Barry $500
Joe and Krys Mortellaro $500
Howard and Sarah Gratz $500
Mark and Mary Jeanne Evans $500

*gift matched by Knox County Foundation

Friends of MTVarts

Larry and Sara Goslee Reed $250 + 200 *

Janice Gammil $300  In recognition of Susan Moreland and her talented family! 
Hartland Entertainment Inc. $300

Rebecca Sigler "Mice Act" Sculpture Raffle $291

PSI IOTA XI Sorority $250 *
Bonita Warren $250

Anonymous $250 *
Anonymous $250 *

Daniel Laskin $200 *
Bill Szucs $200 
Mary Rugola Dye $200
Bob Milnikel $200

Melissa Zujkowski $150

WildFlower Woods $125

Chris and Leah Miller $138.77

Cheri Butcher $100 *
Jessica Ryals $100 *
John Wareham $100 *
Bob Milnikel $100 *
Donald and Julie Falk $100 *
Douglas and Nancy Nagle $100 * in honor of Giving Tuesday
Kathleen Spohn $100 *
Lottie and Craig Shira $100
Russ Mentzer $100
Amanda Wells $100
Sara Lynn Kerr $100
William and Barbara Harris $100
Michael and Pam Snow $100

Daniel Bockover $75

Dorothy Zujkowski $50 *
Amy Ferenbaugh $50 *
Mary McGavick $50 *
Janine Spear $50 * in recognition of the Ryals family
Amanda Jedlinsky $50 *
Phyllis & Henry Nyhart $50 *
Mark Gasper * $50 in recognition of Sarah Gasper 
Kevin and Diana Burt $50

Joyce Ward $50

Sheryl McCament $25 *
Karen Smith $25 *
Linda Lisane $20 * in recognition of Avery Sears

Youth Scholarship Sponsors

Dumbaugh Insurance $150
Jane & John DeCosky $150 


Memorial Donations

In Memory of Darlene Palm 

Ruth L. McGrew $150.00

Kelly A. Nugent $100
Susan Murray $100
Carol Schlosser $100
Susan Snyder $100
Arthur and Lisa Rutter $100
Melissa Dabakis $100

Dean & Sheryl McCament $50
Carole Tannehill $50
Stephen and July Smith $50
Jack and Sharon Koehler $50
Mary Alice Gordon $50
Carol Navin $50

Ellen G. Robinson $25
Richard and Kathryn Wolfe $25
Janet and Calvin Hulse $25

Keith and Joy Harris $20

In Memory of Nate Jacklin

Paul and Amanda Mayville $100 *

In Memory of Chuck Ransom

Richard and Nancy Laslo $25


Ohio Department of Development

Ohio Arts Council

Knox Community Foundation

Landers Foundation

The Energy Cooperative Operation Round Up


Chipotle Mexican Grill $271.28
Buffalo Wild Wings $288.42

Wendy's South Main Mount Vernon $56.10

IN KIND Donations

Wilging, Roush, and Parsons, CPAs


PakMail of Mount Vernon

Carol Garner

Diane Dingler

* Matched Donation

Thanks to a generous grant, Knox County Foundation has matched (1:1) your cash donations up to $10,000. We are extremely grateful for this gift in support of our mission to bring affordable, live, local theatre to our community. MTVarts has always been a theatre company built by the community for the community. Please join us for our ambitious 2023 Season.

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Season Sponsors

Ariel Corporation
Park National Bank
Chloris A. Fritz Memorial Fund $7,000
Knox County Foundation GiveBACKTuesday $5,000
Elks Lodge of Mount Vernon #140 $3,980.46
Ohio Arts Council $3,291

Otho Eyster and Carol Garner $1,500
The Sant-Bernicken Fund $1,500
John and Jane DeCosky $1,000
Joe and Sally Nelson $1,000
Diane Dingler $750
Libby and Alex Wright $500
Thor Collard $500
Trey and Carla Swallow $500
Michael and Rosemary Ulrey $500
Beth Prince $500
Barbara Barry $500
Howard and Sarah Gratz $500
Montez Morey $550

MTVarts is proud to recognize the generous spirit of our supporters each year through our annual report, website, playbills and other means. We hope you will take the time to peruse these documents to find your name or read more about the incredible seasons of theatre MTVarts has produced with the help of hundreds of financial supporters, community partners, and dedicated volunteers. We couldn't do it without you.

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