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MTVarts and Kenyon College are collaborating on tranforming a student oral history project, Stories of Knox County, into a play.

This project began as an independent study course led by Professor Clara Román-Odio, which was catalyzed by the passion and interest of the four students in the course, Maria Brecia Weiler, Sarah Aguilar, Gabriel Jimenez Ekman, and MaryGrace Detmer. Their interest in the stories of the people of Knox County was sparked during a freshmen year seminar entitled “Life along the Kokosing” taught by Professor Howard Sacks.

Stories of Knox County was an oral history project aimed at capturing what it means to be a part of this community.  Students interviewed a cross section of residents both diverse and representative of the community; variety in age, belief systems, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, level of activity in the community, and geographic localization within the county (i.e., urban/rural).

They explored how the county’s history has shaped the present and the ways its inhabitants envision the future by gathering stories about people’s daily lives, their values, hopes, and aspirations.

The oral history and content analysis is currently archived in Digital Kenyon (

Although academic in origin, the project became real once the interests of these students converged with the pride and love of community so clearly expressed by the Knox County interviewees. Maria Brecia Weiler wrote the play and the wheels were set in motion to produce it through a partnership with MTVarts. Our hope is that sharing with the community will increase dialogue and learning about each other.

Rooted: Stories of Knox County - Those stories will be presented as a newly created work in a newly created black box staged at warehouse14.

MTVarts and Kenyon College - a collaboration.

Uniting to present the voices of your neighbors and your community.