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2014 Donors

The Ariel Foundation $50,000 for warehouse renovation; $10,000 for general operating.

The Community Foundation of Mount Vernon and Knox County, $5,000 for The Classics, Black Scrim, Shrek Ogre Costumes
The Ariel Corporation, $1350 for rental of travel rigging - Shrek
Foster's Pharmacy, $1000 Big Ticket Patron - Shrek
Dan Bockover, $500 Shrek Big Ticket Patron - Shrek
Domino's Pizza, $500 Big Ticket Patron - Shrek

Sally and Joe Nelson Family Fund, $500 Big Ticket Patron - Little Mermaid Jr.
The Richard and Arline Landers Foundation, $500 Big Ticket Patron - Little Mermaid Jr.

Denise Conway, $250; Dick and Joanne Snow, $200 in memory of "Pete" Dilley; Ted & Diane Dingler, $200; Carrie Haver, $100; Mr. & Mrs. Mark Evans in honor of Megan Evans, $100; Dick and Nancy Laslo, $75; Ruth Griffing, $50; Barbara Barry, $50; Joyce Skocic, $50; Barbara Brooks, $27; Marilyn Mullin, $25; Keith and Joy Harris, $25; Paragraphs Book Store, $25; Warren Wolfe, $20; Robert Burney, $15;

Kroger Rewards, $238.23 Amazon, $211.43; Vendini Tip Jar, $20

We sincerely thank First-Knox National Bank; Nelson and Nelson CPAs; Clint Bailey of Critchfield, Critchfield, and Johnson; Mark Ramser; Susan Ramser; Bruce and Mary Lou Jacklin for in-kind donations. Â

We would also like to thank WNZR and MVNU for their in-kind donation valued at $740.


2013 Donors

Urton Family, $1,000*, $4,000**;
Theatrical Rights Worldwide, $2,500*;
Karen Bow Interiors, $2,000***;
Youth Philanthropy Initiative, $1000; CenturyLink, $1,000; Laura Leach, $1,030*; The Schnormeier Family Fund, $1,000;Anonymous, $700;
Sally and Joe Nelson Family Fund, $500*; Suzanne Miller (in Memory of Jim Miller), $500;
Dan Bockover, $350; Ted & Diane Dingler, $250; Brad & Joellen Hunter, $250; Barry Lester, MAG, $250;
Gordon & Marsha Rinehart, $200*; Kokosing Construction, $200*; Alan Riedel, $200;
Barbara and Virginia Barry, $100; Dick and Nancy Laslo, $100; Sarah Goslee Reed, $100, $50*; Ginny Williams, $100*; Judith Fletcher, $100*; Conaway, $100*; Bev Stevens, $100*; The Ogle Family, $100*; Carol Didinger, $100;
Susan Gordon, $50; Robert and Mary Crumm, $50; Ruth Griffing, $50; Kim & Pam Rose, $50*; Ryan Glorioso Casting, $50*;  Beacon 4-H, $40*; JoAnn Miller, $40;
Mary Ann Calhoun, $30; Mary Mullin, $25; Mary Rugola Dye, $20*

Amazon, $220.63;  Kroger Community Rewards, $704.21; Vendini Loves the Arts, $75; Vendini Ticketing Tip Jar, $48.25
*Donations specified for The JJ Project
** Donations for The JJ Project Documentary
***Donations for Neitzsche Ate Here Film

If you have donated and do not see your name listed above, please email  PRODUCER@MTVARTS.COM


2012 Donors

There is still time this year to be a part of the 2012 donor list. We appreciate all of your support!


Neitzsche Film Project Donors



2011 Donors

Thank you to all of our 2011 patrons of MTVarts. Your support is sincerely appreciated!


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