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Park after Dark Casting Call

Wednesday, 19 August 2015 14:41

ParkAfterDarkHave you ever wanted to work at a Disney park and dress up as a character and put a smile on a childs face? Or scare the daylights out of your friends as they slowly creep through a haunted house? This is your chance!

MTVarts is proud to present The Park After Dark. A Halloween event YOU can be a part of!

We have two separate worlds taking place: The Fairytale Forest  for children and families and Dr. Vladimir’s Trail of Terror for teens and adults.

No past experience is necessary.

Casting call is August 29th 1-4pm at the MTVarts Warehouse: 14 East Ohio Ave, Mount Vernon, OH 43050

Event Dates: October 22-24 & October 30-31

foggy-545838 1280This event was designed for a large cast with a special focus on enhancing talent and awakening hidden skills- and with characters for all ages!

    Participants will be given the opportunity to take part in make-up, voice, and presence workshops, as well as individual attention with character development in a fun, free, and exciting atmosphere. A wealth of knowledge will be gained by all who take part, as well as opportunities for networking with other drama clubs in the Central Ohio area.

    If you do not want to be in makeup and costume but still want to be involved we are looking for extra hands with:

- Ticketing

- Parking

- Props

- Sets


Aladdin Jr Cast Announced

Monday, 10 August 2015 21:29

Aladdin-JR-ColorNarrators/Storytellers:  Kennedy Aikey, Megan Campbell, Lily Mayville, Maya McDonald, Chloe Skillman
Aladdin:  Mark Fongheiser
Genie:  Rachel Rinehart
Princess Jasmine:  Elle Pavao 
Jafar:  Andrew Ruckman
Iago:  Fredi Bockover
Sultan:  Eli Widrig
Razoul:  Matthew Dinnen
Matron:  Ella Ackertbuy-tickets-now
Soloist #1:  Hailey Davis
Soloist #2:  Lacey Blubaugh
Soloist #3:  Isabel McDonald
Carpet:  Anna Dinnen
Rajah:  Laura Page
Abu:  Alex Jarosz
Guard #1:  Maxwell Wolfe
Guard #2:  Brianna Small
Peasant:  Kieran Karlovetz
Baker:  William Manning
Townsperson #1:  Bethany McClain
Prince Baba of Ganoush:  Hunter Harris
Attendant #1:  Madigan Kennedy
Attendant #2:  Olivia Debolt
Prince Dahdu Rahn-Rhan:  Aidan Scott
Attendant #1:  Johnny Manning
Attendant #2:  Beckett Elkins
the Prince Formerly Known as "The Artist":  Peyton Hauenstein-Cline
Attendant #1:  Kelly Anglin
Camel Puppeteer:  Luna Moreland
Friend Like Me Dancers:  Kelly Anglin, Emma Cheek, Katie Debolt, Olivia Debolt, Isabella Fontaine, Miranda Karlovetz, Madigan Kennedy, Isabel McDonald, Mia Tracey, Kalyn Zak
Harem Girls:  Karley Ackert, Madelyn Donabauer, Esme McDonald, Cora McFadden, Luna Moreland, Allison Page
Guard Dancers:  Peyton Hauenstein-Cline, Miranda Karlovetz, Aiden Scott
Shopkeepers:  Butcher:  Zane Jones, Grocer:  Lily Rheinscheld, Flowers/Herbs:  Julia Manning, Carpets:  Carly Tracey, Lamps:  Paige Currier
Townspeople:  Kelly Anglin, Hannah Blubaugh, Tressel Bockover, Sawyer Boggs, Emma Cheek, Olivia Debolt, Beckett Elkins, Mateo Elkins, Isabella Fontaine, Kaitlyn Hall, Emily Hammond, Hunter Harris, Peyton Hauenstein-Cline, Rylee Jarosz, Kieran Karlovetz, Miranda Karlovetz, Madigan Kennedy, Johnny Manning, Aidan Scott, Ashlynn Scott, Halle Smith, Mia Tracey, Ava Widrig, Zion Wright, Kalyn Zak


Mary Poppins Cast Announced

Wednesday, 06 May 2015 21:44
Mary PoppinsJane Banks: Kennedy Aikey
Michael Banks: Eli Wilson
Mary Poppins: Amanda Mayville
Bert: Ian Ernsberger
George Banks: David Hammond
Winifred Banks: Taryn Barton
Mrs. Brill: Kate Ernsberger
Robertson Ay: Joseph Saks
Bank Chairman: Glenn Hissong
Miss Andrew: Megan Evans
Mrs. Corry: Kris Wilson
Fannie/Annie: Elle Pavao, Lily Mayville
Northbrook: Jared Pierce
Miss Smythe: Carrie Haver
Park Keeper: Jared Pierce
Policeman: Ryan Severance
Bird Woman: Sabina Anderson
Valentine: Thor Fox
Teddy Bear: Elle Pavao
Doll: Rachel Murray
Toys: Charlie Mayville, Eli Widrig
Mrs. Lark/Willoughby: Carrie Swingle & Picard
Admiral Boom: Bill Bridges
Katie Nanna: Norita Hissong
Bank Doorman: Ted Dingler
Queen Victoria: Julie Smith
Dancing Chimney Sweeps: Thor Fox, Ryan Severance
Chimney Sweeps: Bill Bridges, Ted Dingler, Glenn Hissong
Board of Directors / ClerksDaniel Barich, Bill Bridges, Ted Dinger, Thor Fox, Lauren Lanz, Jan Reynolds, Ryan Severance

Ensemble: Sabina Anderson, Daniel Barich, Bill Bridges, Ted Dingler, Megan Evans, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Thor Fox, Deanna Hasty, Carrie Haver, Glenn Hissong, Norita Hissong, Kristin Kaufman, Lauren Lanz, Charlie Mayville, Grace Mayville, Lily Mayville, Rachel murray, Taylor Osborn, Elle Pavao, Jared Pierce, Rachel Postle, Jan Reynolds, Ryan Severance, Julie Smith, Carrie Swingle, Eli Widrig, Kris Wilson


The Little Mermaid Jr Cast List

Thursday, 14 August 2014 21:18

The Little Mermaid Cast List has been announced! Tickets are on sale now!


LITTLE MERMAID KIDS 4CAriel -- Maya McDonald
Prince Eric -- Matthew Dinnen
Sebastian -- Kennedy Aikey
Flounder -- Megan Campbell
Ursula -- Rachel Rinehart
Grimsby -- Andrew Ruckman
King Triton -- Kahlil Karya
Flotsam -- Myranda Overley
Jetsam -- Lauren Fithian
Scuttle -- Fredi Bockover
Chef Louis -- Aidan Scott
Pilot -- Hunter Harris
Seahorses -- Cora McFadden, Kalyn Zak
Carlotta -- Samantha Bailey

Aquata -- Karly Jacklin
Andrina -- Lacey Blubaugh
Arista -- Victoria Risko
Atina -- Michaela Hauke
Adella -- Rachel Murray
Allana -- Chloe Skillman

Ella Ackert
Anna Dinnen
Maddie Donabauer
Luna Moreland
Alaina Pullins


Isabella Fontaine
Hunter Harris
Kieran Karlovetz
Stella Kauffman
Isabel McDonald


Kelly Anglin
Anna Dinnen
Katelyn McKinley
Tartiana Suddreth

Kieran Karlovetz
Johnny Manning
William Manning
Aiden Scott

Sea Creatures Chorus:
Starfish --  Mia Tracey
Blowfish -- William Manning
Dolphins -- Maggie Jacobs, Stella Kauffman
Sting Rays -- Isabella Fontaine, Tartiana Suddreth 
Jellyfish -- Ella Ackert, Isabel McDonald
Marlin -- Johnny Manning
Dori -- Ashlynn Scott
Chiquita Banana Fish -- Julia Manning

School of Fish:
Daisy Abbott
Tressel Bockover
Paige Currier
Elizabeth Diehl
JJ House
Miranda Karlovetz
Bethany McClain
Allison Page

Lagoon Animals Chorus:
Turtles -- Elizabeth Diehl, Esme McDonald
Flamingos -- Dance Ballmer, Tressel Bockover
Frogs -- Anne Douglas, Miranda Karlovetz, William Manning, Tartiana Suddreth
Fish -- Julia Manning, Bethany McClain, Mia Tracey
Seagull -- Luna Moreland

Tentacle Puppeteers: Kelly Anglin, Anne Douglas, Maggie Jacobs, Katelyn McKinley, Alaina Pullins, Ashlynn Scott


"How I Became a Pirate" Book Donation

Wednesday, 06 November 2013 19:45

Thanks to the generosity of Houghton-Mifflin Publishers, author Melinda Long, and Theatrical Rights Worldwide, MTVarts was able to present autographed copies of the book "How I Became a Pirate" to Mount Vernon City School libraries.

JJ House, Luna Moreland and Tressel Bockover presented the books to Principal Karen Boylan and Library Coordinator Marilyn Chidester.

book presentation chidester house boylan bockover moreland

JJ felt good about giving to the schools. "Books are important and kids need to read," he explained. "This is a fun book that everyone can like. This book is good for kids to use their imagination." Tressel admitted to being "a little scared" presenting the books in front of a whole class but says, "This is good because now the kids have one more book to read."

book presentation 1book presentation class











Janet Yates Vogt and Mark Friedman, the composer/lyricist team that wrote the musical, as well as Fred Stuart, the Director of Marketing and Development for Theatrical Rights Worldwide, attended the finale of the book reading tour and opening night performance in September. All the guests were thrilled with our community and the reception they received due to the support of folks at Ariel Corp., Paragraphs Bookstore, MVNU, WNZR, First-Knox National Bank, and so many more. "What an amazing few days I had as your guest. You and your organization are remarkable! I sincerely hope to return and would really like to work with you again," said Stuart.


Braid Beard with bookThe musical version of "How I Became a Pirate" was performed to more than 1,000 people as part of The JJ Project, where MTVarts volunteers mentored an all-youth production team. The cast of pirates and a young Jeremy Jacob took us all on a hilarious, swashbuckling adventure reminding us the simple things in life – like being kissed and tucked into a warm bed each night – are the most important.


When asked how she felt when presenting the books, Luna admits with a giggle, "Um, happy. Famous." She went on to say, "Kids can be entertained by reading instead of watching TV. They will be really entertained by it. I think it's a good book for everyone to read. It's awesome because one book can be made into a whole opportunity like a play."


The generous donation of books was facilitated by Steve Spiegel, CEO of Theatrical Rights Worldwide.  The publisher shipped 100 books to author Melinda Long who in turn autographed each one and then shipped them onto Mount Vernon.  Books were given to all the volunteers (cast, crew, mentors, and youth production team) who participated in The JJ Project, awarded as prizes at the book reading tour finale at Paragraphs Bookstore and MVNU Hunter Hall, given to patrons and sponsors, and donated to libraries.  

MTVarts is blessed with the support of an awesome community; a community that broadens each day.

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