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Building a Team and Making Them Family

Thursday, 24 September 2015 18:35 Carrie Swingle Production Manager

In 2014, Little Mermaid Jr. was my first time as a Production Manager for MTVarts. I had seen it done before, had assisted others in the role, but this was my first time in the role myself. I knew enough about it that I knew I could fulfill the role, but was nervous about venturing out on my own.

My favorite part of being the Production Manager for the artsIQ workshop and production is the 60 kids that need me to help, mold, and take care of them for 2.5 months. Those who know me know I love hugs already, kid hugs are fantastic! Bigger than that is the responsibility to teach, care and nurture these young minds with something that I enjoy so much, theater!

During Little Mermaid's tech week, one of my hardest moments was the amount of children that would continually tap me on the shoulder and call my name so they could ask me a question. I would wake up during the night hearing children's voices call my name repeatedly. A couple nights ago, during the Aladdin tech week, I realized that not a single child had done this. I had to think about why that would be, and I realized it was because we have an awesome team of volunteers. Not that the kids can't come to me or don't want to come to me, but that each volunteer knows their job so well that they don't have to come to me for every question or concern.

I wanted to share just a little bit about these hardworking people who are now great friends:
• Laura Ackert, our vocal director, is a music teacher at Pleasant Street and Dan Emmett Elementary schools. She not only teaches the kids to sing great music, but she teaches poise. She makes music fun and still can have control over the kids so they can learn the music in time for show opening.
• Michelle Betz, our choreographer, has danced for a long time. Sometimes, I feel like Michelle is in my dreams picking the best moves that feature our wonderful little actors. She always has a smile on her face, a hug to give, and a kind word to say. She is way better than me at rolling with the punches that sometimes come as we find scenery, music and stage direction does not fit with her vision of the dance.
• Amy Anglin, our costume madame, has never done costuming before. She is a high school teacher out of Westerville. With 60 kids to costume, some of them needing more than one costume, MTVarts decided we needed to rent our costuming this year for our youth show. Amy was the perfect person to pick for this role as she is highly organized, not afraid to ask questions and works super hard for all aspects of her life. She is always coming up with ideas and videos to make things easier. Amy's positive attitude and fun is contagious! If you meet her, you'll know instantly why we all love her!
• The best way to describe Kristen Campbell, our parent coordinator, is passionate. She loves the kids, she loves the interaction and she loves watching the growth. Kristen is the ball of enthusiasm that makes every activity fun and exciting. She knows what's important to parents and advocates for their needs. This way parents can get answers efficiently and with explanation. I love watching Kristen work with the kiddos because you can see the joy radiating off her face.

These are just a few of the amazing people we have on our team. They each have an assistant, plus there is lights, sound, box office, stage crew, makeup, hair and so much more that is needed to make these shows entertaining, enjoyable and exciting. I look forward to seeing you all at Aladdin Jr. Enjoy the show!



All the Pieces Come Together

Tuesday, 10 March 2015 02:14 Carrie Swingle Production Manager, ArtsIQ/Interactive Show

I don't find myself to be a very creative person. Therefore, I've found a very unique opportunity for my personality in changing from being an actor to coming to the production side of a show. My unofficial job description as production manager is "make sure everyone communicates and make sure everything gets done." Very specific, right? Coming into tech week is especially crazy for us analytical/practical people as we get closer to a show opening date. It can be quite overwhelming for me, a complete control freak, to give up control. Even to my highly talented production staff that on a given day I would trust with any of my future children, I still freak out at my husband, Scott (our Tech Director and Producer), run around like a crazy person and worry continually.

1920s-blogThis past Saturday was move in day for our spring interactive show, The Wake at the Blind Tiger. I started the day with a frantic dash to meet Bruce, our Director, and Sadie, our Set Designer, at the Glenn A. Gallagher Centre to move in set pieces and discuss how we are going to "zone" the theatre space. We, also, worked out any kinks and issues with our Glenn A. Gallagher Centre liaison, Gwen Hartz who is the event planner. We have a different situation as we have never done a show at the Glenn A. Gallagher Centre before this one. As an organizer, I wanted to make sure everyone who was setting up the space had the things they needed where they needed to be. So I created zones for each space giving it a job. Where does the spotlight go? What is the configuration for the platform stage pieces? Where will the gambling tables go in relation to the cash bar? Do we have enough furniture and decorations? There was a lot to think about and having rehearsals and other meetings, as MTVarts is no one's day job, we were on a time crunch. (We are currently in rehearsals for The Wake at the Blind Tiger (Interactive Show), Death of a Salesman (Classic Series) and our resident theatre group, Bruce Jacklin & Company's The Red Velvet Cake War (Alcove Dinner Theatre) as well as planning sessions for Mary Poppins (Summer Musical) and Aladdin Jr. (Youth ArtsIQ)).

I was also supposed to meet and help move in costumes with our Costume Madame, Carrie, but there was no time to wait as I had a meeting with the band leader and vocalists. I left Scott behind to meet with her and got to the rehearsal a half hour late. We had an impromptu wig session with Ruth, our Wig Mistress, who happens to be married to our Band Leader, Jim. We finally made it to the Fradys' in-house studio to practice music and be sure we are ready for the music portion of the upcoming show.

It was here, when I was sitting quietly listening to the vocalists sing beautiful, funny and charming songs, that I realized something. I looked around the room and saw Jackie and Kelly making plans to update different parts of a song, Ashleigh who was singing a completely inappropriate, but hilarious song and Allison chatting about a bird who made residence on her porch and I KNEW. We have an amazing show with a wonderful cast and talented (and patient!) production team working hard. We may not get all the props shipped in time or we may have cast members who have things come up with work or children that conflicts with rehearsal or we may not even sell enough tickets to make money on this show. We are a family who loves each other, takes pride in our work and cares about giving our community the most affordable, quality theatre that we can give them. That means something to me. That makes me shine with pride in my theatre family and the entertainment we can share with our family, friends and community.

That is why I do it. That is why I go through the stress. That is why I argue with people I love. That is why MTVarts works. That is why we imagine more, together.


Thank you for an amazing 2014

Thursday, 01 January 2015 19:23 Janis Stone

2014So many stood with us in 2014 and said “I’m a believer.”  Thank you cast members, crew, behind-the-scenes volunteers, advertisers, cash donors, corporate sponsors, advisors, and audience.

Because you believed, MTVarts was able to produce, in partnership with MVNU, our Classics Series Arthur Miller's “The Crucible”; our Senior Series, “Driving Miss Daisy”; our First-Knox sponsored summer musical, “Shrek”; the artsIQ youth workshop and show Disney’s “The Little Mermaid, Jr.”; and, thanks to owner Mark Ramser and a generous grant from The Ariel Foundation, expand the use of our warehouse.  

We tried a fun experiment on Facebook asking folks to describe our year in five words? After some consideration here are my five:

TORN… Arthur Miller's “The Crucible”

crucibleThe passion of MTVarts’ volunteers fuels our growth and innovation as a theatre company. It was evident in “The Crucible” in a plethora of details. My personal favorite was the backdrop with the growing tear. The discussion it generated, the interpretations of the meaning and significance of the drop, were a true measurement of the show’s success.  

“The Crucible brought to light the fact that mass suspicion and hysteria are still present today as they were during the Salem Witch Trials. A seed of fear can grow a forest of hatred that leaves a mark forever. Miller’s timeless classic reminds us that we always need to respond with love and understanding, even in the most trying times.”    Leah Stone, director



TOUCHING… Alfred Uhry's Pulitzer Prize-winning “Driving Miss Daisy”

dmdMan’s inhumanity to man is not a subject I want to revisit on stage. I go to the theatre to laugh and have a good time; please don’t make me think of the evils that lurk below the surface. But there is a quote by Edmund Burke: “...the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” So, once again, the passion of our people translated to powerful theatre to affect us, move us, touch us.

“‘Driving Miss Daisy’ is a play of great love and patience, telling a story that takes 25 years to unfold. We developed a real feeling for the characters. The cast, crew and, audience fell in love with this theatrical gem.”   Bruce Jacklin, who portrayed Boolie Werthan




CHEEKY… Dreamworks’ ”Shrek: The Musical”

shrek1Our summer musical was MTVarts at its best. Cast and crew donated thousands of hours of their lives to the making of the show and we had a ball. The show was weaved with the simple joys of pretending to risk-taking to the profound impact theatre can have in the life of a special angel.   

shrek2Amanda Mayville, who portrayed Princess Fiona, said “What an amazing opportunity. I learned so much from the other cast members and production staff, and got to be a princess/ogre for the summer!”

Ian Ernsberger, who portrayed Farquaad, speaks of folks complimenting him with “You are never short on talent” and then goes on to say, “Little did I know how short I would go to prove that. By far the most painful and tiring role I've ever played but seeing those kids’ faces after the show and talking to them made it all worth the bruises. And for Sarah, who couldn't tell us how much she enjoyed herself and loved seeing all the characters come to life. But you could see that sparkle in her eye when she came up to me in line after the show and I am so thankful I was able to entertain that wonderful little girl.”

So yes, it was a little cheeky. There was some flatulation on stage, but… “We sailed away, we saw the world the world, we reached the farthest reaches. We felt the wind, we tasted salt and sea… andmeven stormed some beaches.”

GROWING… artsIQ youth production of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid, Jr.”

mermaidThey came together. They did a show. And it was fabulous! Youth theatre is like a bucket of water poured on the roots of a tree during a drought. “More, please!” so we can grow, grow, grow!

Matthew said, "Being part of MTVarts Little Mermaid Jr. production was an awesome experience that I will never forget. I learned so much from all of the directors and made a lot of new friends."

And what of tomorrow?  
Will MTVarts be here in 10 years with these kids leading the way? Will we have strengthened the roots so the tree blossomed? So that it is strong and still growing? Which brings me to my final word.



warehouseTERRIFYING… but in a good way!

Frankly, it is terrifying to think what it is going to take to keep MTVarts green and growing.









MONEY. Money to pay for the shows. Money to pay the bills to operate the warehouse. Money to sustain our infrastructure. Money to move us forward.

PEOPLE. Volunteers to finish all the work on the to-do list. Volunteers to sing and dance and make people happy.  Volunteers People to do all the work to make that possible.

BELIEVERS. Dreamers who will imagine the more we can be together! MTVarts… multi-tasking volunteers + appreciation + respect + trust = success. Thanks Art Schad for investing many hours toward that goal of organization. Thanks Kenyon students, MVNU students, and loyal core volunteers for hauling that bale and toting that barge. If you all stay with us and some more folks come alongside, we will assess these terrifying opportunities, make a plan, and look confidently to our future. Here’s to reaching for the stars!

15 season theme


It's Just Community Theatre

Monday, 28 April 2014 21:14 Janis Stone

I heard it again the other day, "It's just community theatre." And, yes, we are amateur, community theatre--the whole organization is run on ticket sales and donations. No one is paid; everyone volunteers. Those making it possible are your neighbors and co-workers who all have day jobs. No one is a professional. But, what is being a professional? Is it just being paid? No! MTVarts is filled with multi-tasking volunteers... amateurs... working full time, as professionals. It is about passion; the quality of the work; the willingness to pursue, to learn, to excel--just for the love of theatre.

Very noble, don't you think? Someone reminds us every year, "It's not about you; it is about the audience. We are giving our community a wonderful gift." But, in the end, it can lead to burnout and frustration. Many of us come to the point of, "I just can't do this anymore. My family is right; this is ridiculous." You pledge to take a summer off and know in your heart that you may not be back. But then you get an email.

My daughter loves this musical (from attending a local school production and from watching the DVD). But we would be driving from Indianapolis, Indiana. What are the performance times, please?

Thank you.

Hi Mark

The evening performances are 7:30 and, unfortunately, this year, because of theatre availability, we only have one matinee... Sunday July 13, at 2:00.

If you chose to stay overnight, we do have some very nice local hotels as well as Holiday Inn Express.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the super-fast reply! I'll plan to make this trip with my daughter.

Great. You do know you can purchase tickets online?

Let us know how you like the show. We try to be an audience-driven theatre company so feedback is our lifeblood. :)

May I ask how you heard about the show?



My angel daughter is a special needs child, and she loves to go to musical productions of her favorite stories. So I Google-search anything possible related to her favorites, and will take her to see them. Most 2014 productions of "Shrek" are on the east and west coasts and Texas, with few in the Midwest. I found your show after narrowing the search to the year and state, along with the name "Shrek the Musical."

Thank you. I will order online.


As the dates get closer, remind me and we will arrange a back stage tour. We work with people with disabilities and two will be in the show. JJ House is the assistant to the director and he could perhaps chat with your little angel. Here is JJ's adventure with us.

See you in July.

Thank you. Sarah loves to meet performers after the shows, and I have dozens of photo albums of her with cast members. To her, everyone in the show is real, and maybe that's the way she connects with them. She is not very communicative verbally, except when at a show and talking about it afterward. The photos of Shrek from the performances we attended last year were in one of the photo books I sent along with her to school yesterday for her weekly speech therapy. We listened to part of the cast CD on the way to school today, and she told me she wanted to see Shrek and Fiona again. That is what inspired my search for performances that were within a manageable driving distance. We talk about Shrek being a nice ogre, and she said, "He's my friend. He said my name", which is true, as the cast were so kind to her at that school production last year. I always introduce Sarah by name, as she is too shy to speak, but they respond kindly to her, and she remembers everything about who she meets and if they said her name.

Thank you again.

Sarah our theatre angelWe will do all we can to make this special for Sarah. Our cast is fabulous and will be wonderful with Sarah. We always do a meet and greet after the show where she can personally meet all the cast. If JJ is able, he could be her host. This could be wonderful. :) Keep me posted on your plans.

Meet Sarah She will be traveling to attend 4 of our performances.  We can't wait to meet her.

So, you see, it is much, much more than community theatre. This year our inspiration will be Sarah. And we will remember to say her name. Let's keep doing this thing together. It can be so much more.


Merry Christmas, thanks for the gift!

Monday, 23 December 2013 21:36 Janis Stone

The greatest gift you can give to someone is to believe in their dreams.

Thanks for believing!

Merry Christmas from MTVarts

Believe 2013 small

Wow, what a year we have had with MTVarts.  Each year I think we can't do this and each year somehow people make it happen.  It all started with Aaron's vision for  "Of Mice and Men" coming to life thanks to donated barns and a cast of extremely talented actors.  Then we moved right into "The Music Man"  and again over 100 people worked to pull it off.  This was the first time Bruce turned over the director reins for a summer musical and Leah lead the parade beautifully.  Unbelieveably we kept right on marching into September and The JJ Project - "How I Became a Pirate".  Tremendous community support, Theatrical Rights Worldwide, Mark and Janet and Melinda, all those special guests and a gala to boot!  Aarrghh it was a great adventure, eh JJ?

There are truly are no people like show people.  To our audience, thank you for coming to see our shows.  To our patrons, thank you for giving us your hard-earned money.  To our advisers, thank you for keeping us on track.  To our volunteers, simply thank you!  The "more" we "imagine together" is amazing!
To all who are MTVarts . . .thank you for believing!

And 2014?  Well let's just say you will be shouting, "I'm a Believer!"


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